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Interview with Roughhausen

J.S. Stoddard… His legacy speaks volumes.

He played guitar on Front Line Assembly’s seminal Album, “Caustic Grip”ripping a wall of riffs into EBM before it became the Flavor of the week. He was a member of the Gothic masterpiece Will, and found a way to mix feedback with melody to create beauty and tragedy. He assaulted our senses with a wall and hate filled noise and power riffs mixed with a cacophony of militant drums on the First Decree album. Now he pounds relentlessly at our collective ass-shaking, machine with his new project Roughhausen. With a total of over 40 albums to his credit he seems to just keep going… The project Roughhausen was born out of a series of late night, drug fueled, and sonic atrocities against man and God in the bowels of the Subconscious Studio complexes. Those sessions eventually became the material found on the First Roughhausen release, "Defenestrated". That record featured the talents of Alistar Jamison (R.I.P.), Dwayne Goetell (R.I.P.), John McRae, Kevin key, Chris Peterson, Sam Salmon and was a psychotic dirge filled opus that sounded like the bowels of hell had opened its sphincter for 47 mins of pain.

Addiction, madness, withdrawal and death marred the next few years, much traveling suffering and cleansing was required before RH was able to begin again…. R O U G H H A U S E N is • E l e c t r o • P o w e r N o i z e • G o t h i c • D&B • I n d u s t r i a l H o u s e • E B M •

J.S. chatted with Ladyaslan on his views about the DDTTRH campaign and his tongue & cheek views on music and the industry and how one should NOT take life so seriously~ here the colorful and fun interview with Roughhausen~

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How did you come up with the name Roughhausen? What does it mean?

Roughhausen: Rough housing is a slang term that means making noise/playing roughly or acting foolishly,... especially among little kids, you know something your mom would yell at you, "hey cut out all that rough housing." Years ago I was dating this German chick and sometimes she used to show up at my place at 4 am drunk and want to fuck. One night she showed up drunk on like a Tues night and I was too tired to fuck so I said no... She gets angry starts yelling and WRESTLING and I grabbed her and said "stop this fucking rough housing" she got all quiet and said, "Rough_haus en? What is dis Rough_haus en?" …just the way she said it with this thick German accent made me laugh. Right away as soon as she said it, I was like fuck yea... that is a good band name…

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Has Duran Duran inspired you and your band's music in anyway? In which areas have they influenced you?

Roughhausen: Absolutely not. I have enormous respect for what they do and their talent, but it is not something that entered into my sphere of conscious emulation. As an artist working in electronic music sure… they expanded the popular acceptance of synths as an instrument, and that has helped me. As a teenage boy looking to get laid sure… they definitely opened many doors and legs as it were, by giving legions of teenaged female fans masturbatory fodder and sexual archetypal characters to try and emulate, that helped me immensely, (thanks guys), but as a working musician not really directly… more indirectly. They are very good at what they do; it is just not for me. I have always been about the heavy, the mean and the dank.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: You have played on / made over 40 albums-tell us about that journey and what did you learn as a band/musician from all that work?

Roughhausen: I learned not to take myself so seriously and to enjoy my work. I am very lucky to be doing this. I try enjoy the ride and work with people I like. I can pick who I work with or work for now, that is a good place to be. When I was younger I did not have that liberty and made a lot of bad choices that led to ugly working situations.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What is your favorite Duran Duran song and video?

Roughhausen: Girls on Film without a doubt. That was a serious piece of soft core porn in its time that really pushed the envelope and sexual stereotypes. They pretty much invented metro-sexual.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What is something that fans would be shocked to learn about you and the band?

Roughhausen: We are all virgins and are on Team Jesus. GO Team Christ!

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What contributions do you feel Duran Duran has made to the world of music and fashion in the past 30 yrs?

Roughhausen: shit…. they covered the bases, set standards for video, glam, fashion, extravagance… huge, epic world-wide hits and their fan base is pretty friggin varied. That in itself is a huge contribution. I think they were one of the first bands to really embrace video as not just a marketing tool but as an art form in itself. Bowie understood the value of the hyper-image but he came before the advent of the medium in its true form. Duran Duran came alone and just grabbed the frame and filled it with these lush sensual images of exotic women and sweaty tropical nights. That marriage of the exotic and the unknown combined with well crafted pop songs was a fucking masterstroke. They married fashion and music in a much more visceral and visual way than anybody had before.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How did you get involved in the band Roughhausen?

Roughhausen: I am Roughhausen, each album has been a different set of friends and players coming together to add to the mix but the core is me. The last three releases have included the incredibly talented and sexy Miss Peggy Lin on Bass, we have a great working relationship, and she understands what I need and crosses over genres with ease so she has become a standard feature of RH. Actually it is pretty hard for me to imagine RH without her.>

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What Duran song would you like to remake if you could remake one?

Roughhausen: Again ‘Girls on Film” I actually think that the topic is quite sinister, it lends itself to being darkened up quite easily. I would love to take that on but I fear that license agreement is way beyond my pay grade.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Tell us about the Asian Music Fest you currently did you feel about having that opportunity as a person and how did it affect the band?

Roughhausen: Actually it is a series of festivals. Now is the music festival season here in Asia as well as Europe and we are booked to play all over the place, what I was commenting on earlier was that we are also booked to play some Metal festivals. We are by no means a metal band , however there is no real hard core electro or industrial rock scene here so we get booked at metal events a lot just because the promoters don’t know what to do with us. I just think it is very cool to see all those metal heads start nodding by song 2 and banging by three. Winning over a fresh crowd is always a wonderful feeling. Winning over a Death metal crowd hungry for blood and thrash with hard as fuck beats and electronic music is an amazing feeling.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Will you have any U.S. tour dates? Any Europe tour dates?

Roughhausen: Working on an EU tour. Japan again in Nov, we love touring Japan; delicious hello clitty girls, great food, incredible venues, and top notch sound crews. What is not to love? As for the US we are talking with our US label Shinto Records and exploring the possibility.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Anything new in store for the fans to be on the look for?

Roughhausen: Shinto Records will have an exclusive on their upcoming DISK Sin-Faktory 2. Shinto is also doing a label sampler CD with a well known European Gothic magazine, we have a spot on that as well. We also have a song/video on the European Label EchoZone’s new Compilation CD/DVD Gothic Visions Vol.2 that one also includes a write up in the magazine. If you are in Asia I have 5 or 6 CDs coming out in the next 2 months that I did production on. Everything from Thrash metal to Post Rock. Just check the site for updates.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: The quote "quoth the raven nevermore" what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Roughhausen: As much as I love Poe… James Earle Jones reading it pops into my head first now, after that the eternal pallid beauty of Goth chicks.

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  7. at first I was just going to say what makes this guy any different that Adam but after I read them both and listened to some music it is obvious. one is an artist the other is a wanna be starlet which one does the world need more?

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  10. WOW~ lots of ppl commented~ I see why I got in trouble so to speak....I thank you all for taking the time to read and comment~I shall check back and see what else is left here~ xoxoxoxo Ladyaslan~and YES Roughhausen is quite the talented man~

  11. ok so I read the story and he is funny but who cares really. then i listened to some of his music and did a google search. yikes this guy is pretty impressive have you sen his discography?