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Interview with Lady Parasyte

Lady Parasyte is an electro-rock trio consisting of vocalist/lyricist Kimberly K., Mark Black (guitars/programming) and additional vocalist Miss Angela. Together they have created a chaotic but aggressively catchy mixture of electronic driven sounds mixed with high energy guitars topped with vocals ranging from soothingly melodic to blisteringly hard-hitting. Lady Parasyte combines their influences and styles to create an infectious yet intense sound that you cannot get out of your head.

Over the past few years vocalist Kimberly K. has collaborated with such artists as Die Warzau and techno legend DJ T-1000(Alan D. Oldham) contributing vocals to both acts releases, as well as having tracks appear on compilations for Ominous Passions Clothing and Creative Violence Records. Previous members include programmer birdFEEDER(Essenza) and guitarist Inkydust who helped to bring to life the debut electro-industrial EP,"Sirens" featuring the tracks Sirens, Salvage and Are You Dead yet?

Currently, the band is spending much of their time writing and recording the full length electro-rock romp "Abandoned Places" to be released on MachineKUNT Records. Here is the interview with the lovely ladies and gentleman of Lady Parasyte:

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Tell us...what and who is Lady Parasyte?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Well, Lady Parasyte is three people and basically our music could be described as a mix of electro, rock and maybe a dash of pop. I handle lead vocals and lyrics. The vocals are sort of a combination of melodic and aggressive styles.

Mark B: Lady Parasyte combines our common interests in music and culture. We all bring something to the mix. I handle instruments and music production and then hand it over to the girls to add the vocals.

Miss Angela: We are a group of people who are making an idea into great, fun music we hope others will enjoy! At this time I’m not able to contribute to the writing process, so it’s mainly Kim and Mark doing all the hard work!

Ladyaslan DDTRH: What contributions and influences do you feel Duran Duran contributed to the world of music and fashion and social awareness over the past 30 yrs?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: They really have influenced all those things in such a smooth way. Just their overall style and sound. They were really great storytellers in both music and video.

Mark B: First off, Duran Duran was more than just a band; they were a major innovator in the fields of video production. Their videos in the early to mid 80’s pioneered many of the techniques that are used in movie and video production today.

Miss Angela: Definitely an innovator of music video styles. Also, their attitudes and styles are meshed into all things 80’s. I don’t know where the 80’s would stand without Duran Duran.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Since the EP Sirens, how have you all grown as a band and musicians?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Well, the bands lineup has changed. We are now a trio with Mark joining us and the music has a less industrial more rock feel to it. Vocally I've been trying to do different things than what I did on Sirens. I also approach lyrics with a different frame of mind. Some of the songs on the Sirens EP were written such a long time ago that my perspective on things has changed quite a bit.

Mark B: Different production techniques and musical tastes will yield different results. I was not a part of the band when the Sirens EP was recorded, so I really can’t comment on changes. Once we formed the new line up, we moved in the direction that seemed natural at the time.

Miss Angela: I think both Kim and I have matured a bit with our vocal style. More confidence and more attitude!

Ladyaslan DDTTRH: What are your favourite Duran Duran song(s) and / or video(s)?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Probably “Ordinary World”. I realize that wouldn't be most people’s choice because they did so much work before that track but it's got such a great melody and the vocals are just fantastic. Every time it comes on I just have to stop and listen to it.

Mark B: Would definitely be the raw, sexually charged, music in their earlier days. My favorite songs would be “Planet Earth” and “Is there something I should know”. Favorite videos would be “Girls on Film” and “The Chauffeur”. If you’re a dude and you’ve seen the director’s cut of these videos, you’ll know why I wanted to be a member of Duran Duran in the early to mid eighties. Wow!

Miss Angela: I love “Girls on Film”, Is There Something I Should Know”, “Notorious” and of course “Hungry like the Wolf”, BUT Girls on Film and “Rio” are my fave videos.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Who is the real Kimberly Koppen, what is your life mantra?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: That’s a tough one. I guess I would have to say something I repeatedly have to tell myself is “Keep it together”. I tend to worry and over analyze things a lot and that can cause some pretty stressful days. So my goal is often to try and not let certain things overpower my thoughts because if I do then I’m just missing out on the good parts of life. I would describe myself as neurotic and goofy. I’ve been told by a few people that I seem to be pretty together but if they only knew all the thoughts that race through my head on a daily basis, they wouldn’t think so. Generally though, I like to be silly. I love funny stuff. I’m a fan of horror too but you got to make time for laughs. I definitely spend a lot of time geeking out over Joss Whedon’s stuff because his blend of comedy and horror really has all I need to be entertained and can usually pull me out of a crappy mood.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Who is the real Mark B, what is your life mantra?

Lady Parasyte...
Mark B: Music, although being a very important aspect of my life, is just one part of who I am but it is an outlet to express whatever outside forces are affecting my life. I don’t have a formula or code that I live by, but (like Kim) I am also a huge fan of horror. I’m also a father and long time martial arts practitioner.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Who is the real Miss Angela, what is your life mantra?

Lady Parasyte...
Miss Angela: I tend to be more of an old-school Goth type. I keep quiet and to myself around strangers but there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for a friend, cuz they are my family. My husband tells me I expect too much from people. Is that a bad thing? But I am a big believer in what goes around comes around, so I always try to be the best I can be. I may not always succeed in doing that, but that makes me try harder next time.

Ladyaslan DDTTRH: If you could remake a Duran Duran song, which one would it be?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Well, “Ordinary World” is definitely up there. Although, maybe we should cover “Hungry like the Wolf” and try to get on a Twilight soundtrack. Commence eye rolling.

Mark B: Kim and Angela might feel strange belting out “Wild Boys”, so I’ll have to pick “Planet Earth”

Miss Angela: I would totally do “Wild Boys”!! But I’m sorry, I have to go with “Hungry” it’s such a classic!

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What was it like to work with Die Warzau?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: I can thank MySpace for that hook up. Jim Marcus (of the band) contacted me on there and basically asked if I wanted to drop by their studio sometime and try out some vocals on some of their tracks. So I went down there and laid down some screams. Everybody was really laid back and easy to be around. I believe they are releasing that record soon.

Mark B: Wasn’t with the band at the time, so can’t comment on that.

Miss Angela: This was something Kim did solo, so something I can’t comment on as well.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How did you end up with the opening gig for Funker Vogt?

Lady Parasyte...

Kim K: A local promoter by the name of Apathademon contacted me. He asked me if I wanted to be part of a show he was putting together called The Awakening. We had never played a show before and frankly I didn't officially have a live band at the time. Back then it was me and previous member birdFEEDER. So we got Alan Oldham to DJ, Miss Angela on backup vocals and our guitarist and booked the show. Apathademon was very hush hush about who the main act would be so I didn't even know it was Funker Vogt till after I already agreed to the gig.

Mark B: This was before my tenure.

Miss Angela: Luck! Ha-ha! It just kind-of happened, and I’m honored we got the chance to do that as our first gig.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What does it mean to you to be an artist / musician?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: It's hard for me to walk around calling myself an artist. I just like making music and generally being creative but I don't live any kind of super intense artsy lifestyle or anything.

Mark B: It means always exploring new ideas and recording techniques.

Miss Angela: I’ve always been a creative person but always felt uncomfortable calling myself any kind of “artist”. I guess it’s just all about self expression, and getting all those little bits out of your head in a way that inspires someone else.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What can the fans expect from the new album "Abandoned Places"?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Definitely more rock. This is also the first release where Miss Angela is featured as recorded band member. Up until this record she only performed with us live. I think having a second vocalist adds some good texture to the album. I had also intended for lyrics to be a bit more lighthearted on this record however many of the tracks ended up having a really heavy meaning to them. I guess you can't have a record called "Abandoned Places" and have it be too happy. The music is definitely more upbeat than Sirens though.

Mark B: More of a electro rock sound

Miss Angela: Much dancier, more feel-good stuff. It makes you want to shake your booty. Mark’s music style is great, and I really love the direction the new album took with him on board.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How did Lady Parasyte get involved with MachineKUNT Records?

Lady Parasyte...
Kim K: Another MySpace connection! Rachel Haywire (the founder) contacted me and initially she just wanted to carry the Sirens EP in her store however eventually she expressed interest in releasing our next record. So now a year later “Abandoned Places” is about to be released and we really hope people will dig it.

Mark B: Kim spearheaded that effort. She’s quite the deal maker.

Miss Angela: Yup, that was all Kim finding us somewhere to go.


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